Alliance for Sustainable Colorado   Alliance for Sustainable Colorado
The Alliance for Sustainable Colorado is a nonprofit organization created to advance environmental, economic and social sustainability in Colorado by building broad support among individuals, nonprofits, business, government and academia.
Daily Kos   Daily Kos
Daily Kos is the premier online political community, bringing together activists, elected officials and ordinary citizens committed to expanding participation in our democracy. Dialogues and conversations, action items and fundraising, citizen journalism and electoral politics--all converge at the site in a lively, effective format that furthers progressive causes and elects responsive representatives.
ProgressNow   ProgressNow
The largest on-line activist community in Colorado, was created to provide a strong, credible voice in advancing progressive solutions to critical community problems.
Lead Sponsors
Digg   Digg
Digg has become the leading destination for people to discover and share the best content from anywhere on the Web. With approximately 26 million visitors a month, Digg surfaces the best content as voted on by the community, from the largest online destinations to the most obscure blog.
EcoDrivingUSA   EcoDrivingUSA
Automakers launched EcoDrivingTM, a new national consumer awareness campaign, along with Governor Schwarzenegger, Governor Ritter and the Environmental Defense Fund in August. The goal of EcoDriving is to help all Americans learn how to take simple steps to increasing their mileage and reducing their carbon footprint immediately. By learning how to be an EcoDriver™, drivers can see their mileage increase as much as 15 percent. EcoDriving could reduce annual U.S. CO2 emissions by almost 200 million tons. To learn more, log onto
Google   Google
Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.
InterfaceFLOR   InterfaceFLOR
InterfaceFLOR is the largest modular carpet manufacturer in the world. Ita??s what we know, what wea??ve been doing for the past 30 years. Our goal is to provide you with innovation, beauty, performance, service, value and environmentally responsible products and processes in one 21a?? X 21a?? box.
Meru Networks   Meru Networks
Meru Networks delivers the industrya??s most scalable and cost-effective solution to enable assured delivery of mobile applications for leading enterprises that are serious about harnessing the power of mobility for their businesses.
Major Sponsors
Chipotle   Chipotle
Chipotle Mexican Grill offers a focused menu of burritos, tacos, burrito bowls (a burrito without the tortilla) and salads made from fresh, high-quality raw ingredients, prepared using classic cooking methods and served in a distinctive atmosphere. Through our vision of Food With Integrity, Chipotle is seeking better food not only from using fresh ingredients, but ingredients that are sustainably grown and naturally raised with respect for the animals, the land, and the farmers who produce the food. Chipotle opened its first restaurant in Denver in 1993 and currently operates over 775 restaurants nationwide.
Eco-Products   Eco-Products
Eco-ProductsA® offers environmentally friendly, compostable food service items to decrease the amount of waste accumulated and petroleum used with traditional plastic disposables. Made from annually renewable plant resources, Eco-Products items include cold cups, hot cups, cutlery and straws made from NatureWorksA® PLA biopolymer, Ingeo™. These PLA products, a plastic alternative, are completely non-allergenic and are made from plants not oil. Additionally, Eco-Products provides plates made from sugarcane pulp, which is derived from cane stalks after sugar "juice" has been extracted and is customarily discarded. Turning pulp waste into a renewable resource saves energy reserves and gives another use for the byproduct of sugarcane production. Avoiding petroleum-based plastics, Eco-Products relies on plant-based materials that break down in a commercial compost facility in 45 to 90 days.
Floorz   Floorz
Floorz is a full service flooring company that provides and installs carpet, carpet tile, vinyl products, ceramic tile, stone tile, hardwood, rubber products, and raised floors. Our expertise in choreographing construction and flooring installation is unmatched. Our commitment to "single source responsibility" provides a wide range of value-added services to enhance any size contract project.
  Netroots Nation
Netroots Nation amplifies progressive voices by providing an online and in-person campus for exchanging ideas and learning how to be more effective in using technology to influence the public debate. Within that campus, we strengthen community, inspire action and serve as an incubator for progressive ideas that challenge the status quo and ultimately affect change in the public sphere.
New Belgium Brewing   New Belgium Brewing
New Belgium Brewing Company, makers of Fat Tire Amber Ale and a host of Belgian-inspired beers, began operations in a tiny Fort Collins basement in 1991. In addition to producing world-class beers, New Belgium takes pride in being a responsible corporate role model. Progressive programs like employee ownership, open book management and a trip to Belgium after five years employment are all part of the corporate culture. New Belgium uses 100% renewable electricity and is employee-owned.
Pickens Plan   Pickens Plan
America is blessed with the world's greatest wind power corridor and abundant reserves of clean natural gas. The Pickens Plan will utilize these tremendous resources to build a bridge to the future a?? a blueprint to reduce foreign oil dependence by harnessing domestic energy alternatives and buying time for us to develop even greater new technologies. The Plan calls for building new wind generation facilities that will produce 20% of our nation's electricity and allow us to use natural gas as a transportation fuel. The combination of these domestic energies can replace more than one-third of our foreign oil imports. And we can do it all in 10 years.
Progressive Book Club   Progressive Book Club
Books have changed America for good and for ill, and they'll continue to do so. At PBC, our mission is to find the titles - and ideas - that can change our nation for the better and bring them to the forefront of the national debate.
Ustream   Ustream
Ustream was founded in the summer of 2006 by John Ham, Brad Hunstable, and Dr. Gyula Feher as way to help overseas soldiers connect more efficiently with their families. John and Brad met as cadets at West Point. Serving as US Army as officers during a wartime environment, John and Brad noticed an opportunity for revolutionizing communication. Today, Ustream.TV empowers everyone from sports fans and guitar heroes to Presidential candidates and rock stars, with a camera and an Internet connection, to quickly and easily broadcast to a global audience of unlimited size. In less than two minutes, anyone can become a broadcaster by creating their own channel on Ustream or by broadcasting through their own site, empowering them to engage with their audience.
Participating Sponsors
1Sky   1Sky
1Sky was created in 2007 to focus the power of millions of concerned Americans on a single goal: bold federal action by 2010 that can reverse global warming. The 1Sky Solutions are grounded in scientific necessitya??they are the bottom line of what's needed to dramatically reduce carbon emissions while maximizing energy efficiency, renewable energy and breakthrough technologies. They also represent significant economic promise. By pivoting to a clean energy economy, we can relieve our dependence on foreign oil, unlock the potential of sustainable industry and usher in a new era of prosperity and green jobs.
American Clean Skies Foundation   American Clean Skies Foundation
Blogads   Blogads
We're the blog advertising specialists. We pioneered blog advertising in 2002 and trail-blaze today
Blue State Digital   Blue State Digital
BSD is a full-service agency that offers integrated graphic design, Web site development, technology development and implementationa??built atop the BSD Online Toolsa??and strategic campaign and program management services. Our integrated approach avoids the confusion, delays, and misaligned expectations that too often bedevil projects divided among multiple specialist vendors. It also helps ensure that your program benefits from all the relevant features and capabilities that wea??ve built into the BSD Online Tools.
Campaign for America's Future   Campaign for America's Future
The Campaign for Americaa??s Future is the strategy center for the progressive movement. Our goal is to forge the enduring progressive majority needed to realize the America of shared prosperity and equal opportunity that our country was meant to be. To attain our ultimate goal, we spearhead a compelling progressive agenda that addresses the kitchen-table issues working families face. We regularly convene and educate progressive thinkers, organizers and community activists so our voices will be coordinated, cogent and potent. And we incubate national campaigns on the critical issues that will define America for generations to come.
Care2   Care2
With more than 9.4 million members and 400 nonprofit partners worldwide, Care2 is the largest and most trusted action and information site for people who want to make the world a healthier, greener and better place to live. Founded in 1998, Care2 has featured nearly 241,000 petitions created by the site and its members, collecting more than 28 million signatures on timely and important issues, ranging from wildlife conservation to healthcare to human rights.
Center for Independent Media   Center for Independent Media
The Center for Independent Media is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that operates an independent online news network in the public interest. The Centera??s reporters adhere to the highest standards of journalism, follow the code of ethics adopted by the Society of Professional Journalists, and are the recipients of numerous awards for excellence in journalism. The Center views an informed citizenry as a fundamental principle of civil society and American democracy; in the words of the Supreme Court in Garrison v. Louisiana: a??Speech concerning public affairs is more than self-expression; it is the essence of self-government.
  City and County of Denver
Special thanks to City and County of Denver.
Colorado Environmental Coalition   Colorado Environmental Coalition
Colorado Environmental Coalition is the largest state-based citizens' group committed to conserving our clean air, water and open spaces. CEC works to protect Colorado's environment by educating and mobilizing citizens, providing technical and organizing assistance to environmental organizations and other alli es, and uniting and supporting them in coalitions that defend and preserve Colorado's natural heritage and quality of life.
Common Cause   Common Cause
Common Cause is a nonpartisan, nonprofit advocacy organization founded in 1970 by John Gardner as a vehicle for citizens to make their voices heard in the political process and to hold their elected leaders accountable to the public interest. Now with nearly 400,000 members and supporters and 36 state organizations, Common Cause remains committed to honest, open and accountable government, as well as encouraging citizen participation in democracy.
Dailymotion   Dailymotion
A top 50 website worldwide, Dailymotion is the world's largest independent video entertainment website and the second largest video website overall (source: comScore, June 2008). Every day, over 15,000 new videos are uploaded into Dailymotion's global network of localized video entertainment sites. In June 2008, 38.8 million unique users streamed over 855 million videos including curated content from premium and Motionmaker creative contributors (source: comScore, June 2008). Using the most advanced technology for both users and content creators, Dailymotion provides high-quality and HD video in a fast, easy-to-use website that also automatically filters infringing material. Dailymotion's mission is to provide the best possible entertainment experience for users and the best marketing opportunities for advertisers, while respecting content protection.
Democracy for America   Democracy for America
Democracy for America is our nation's largest progressive political action community. With over 725,000 members nationwide, DFA is a grassroots powerhouse working to change our country and the Democratic Party from the bottom-up. We provide campaign training, organizing resources, and media exposure so our members have the power to support progressive issues and candidates up and down the ballot. Join us in the fight to take our country back!
Disaboom   Disaboom was founded by Dr. J. Glen House, a physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation who is also a quadriplegic. His firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and those whose lives they touch has driven the mission: to create the first comprehensive, evolving source of information, insight, and personal engagement for the disability community.
eConscious Market   eConscious Market
We are a "For-Benefit" online commerce site based in Boulder, Colorado. (eConscious Market has recently been accepted as a founding company of the B Corporation movement. To learn more visit: We purchase ecologically and socially responsible products, sell them at or below suggested retail price, and donate a minimum of 10% of every purchase to the exceptional non-profit organizations listed on our website. Also unique to our model is the opportunity for each customer to choose which non-profit organization receives at least 10% of their purchase. Every time you Get, you Give too. We let our customers decide where their money goes from our ever-expanding list of non-profit organization
eight rivers   eight rivers
Green Mountain Coffee   Green Mountain Coffee
The Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the sponsorship of educational events, seminars, and lecture series on topics such as human development and potential, business and management in order to foster positive change on personal, organizational, community and global levels.
Heidi's Brooklyn Deli   Heidi's Brooklyn Deli
From pastrami to corned beef to prime rib sandwiches and tasty wraps, to fresh salads and healthy smoothies, to mouth-watering cheesecake and other delectable desserts, youa??ll want to keep coming back to try something new. We only use the best ingredients for our fresh baked breads. You can choose from Ciabatta, Pumpernickel, Italian, Sourdough, and many more. So if youa??re looking to satisfy that appetite, hurry on over to Heidia??s Brooklyn Deli. But you better keep an eye on your lunch or ita??s liable to grow legs. And as we say in Brooklyn, a??If you think you can find a better deli, just fuggedaboudit!a??
Filled with snark, muckraking and surprisingly thoughtful analysis, is Washington state's best read and most influential liberal political blog.
Human Rights Campaign   Human Rights Campaign
The Human Rights Campaign represents a grassroots force of over 725,000 members and supporters nationwide. As the largest national gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender civil rights organization, HRC envisions an America where GLBT people are ensured of their basic equal rights, and can be open, honest and safe at home, at work and in the community.
Illegal Pete's   Illegal Pete's
Live from Main Street   Live from Main Street
Live From Main Street is a tour of the U.S. in Election Year 2008, hosted by popular journalist and radio personality Laura Flanders and produced by The Media Consortium a?? a member-based organization committed to strengthening the independent media landscape. The Media Consortium is comprised of 45 of the nationa??s leading independent journalism outlets with a collective reach to over 5 million people a month. Live From Main Streeta??s goal is to develop new ways for independent media to work collaboratively to inform and support the democratic process while bringing truth and the voices of everyday Americans to the current national election conversation.
Media Matters Action Network   Media Matters Action Network
Media Matters for America is a Web-based, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.
MS Magazine   MS Magazine
Ms. was the first national magazine to make feminist voices audible, feminist journalism tenable, and a feminist worldview available to the public.
NARAL Pro-Choice America   NARAL Pro-Choice America
NARAL Pro-Choice America is the political leader of the pro-choice movement and has more than one million member activists in all 50 states, along with 23 state affiliates. NARAL Pro-Choice America protects the values of freedom and privacy by electing pro-choice candidates, lobbying Congress, advancing pro-choice policies, and defeating anti-choice attacks. In 2008, the organization is focused on electing Sen. Obama as our next president and adding more pro-choice allies in Congress.
National Air Traffic Controllers Association   National Air Traffic Controllers Association
Highly skilled, dedicated and fully committed to ensuring the safety of every flight, Americaa??s air traffic controllers comprise a veteran, proud team that serves the public with perfection as its minimum acceptable level of performance. Todaya??s controllers are working harder than ever before; there are fewer of them due to retirement losses, yet traffic continues to grow and we will soon see more than 700 million passengers use the system annually.
NDN is a progressive think tank and advocacy organization. NDNa??s work is organized around a powerful idea a?? that for progressives to succeed in the 21st century as they did in the 20th, they will have to do three things: offer a new governing agenda that speaks to the challenges of our day; master the new media and technology tools that are changing the way we all communicate and advocate; and understand and speak to the radically new demographic make-up of todaya??s America. NDNa??s staff, Fellows and collaborators offer fresh and original thinking in these three main areas of focus: new governing agenda, new media and technology and new demography.
New York Community Media Alliance   New York Community Media Alliance
The NYCMA is a nonprofit that supports independent publications committed to social justice and a free press. If you publish in the public interest, you need the IPA. Since 2000, over 987 magazines and newspapers - large and small - have taken advantage of our technical assistance manuals, distribution broker, vendor discounts and revolving loan fund. We've learned we are stronger when we work together.
NewsGator   NewsGator
NewsGator Technologies helps enterprises and media companies leverage social computing solutions to deliver real business value. The companya??s enterprise social networking and widget services are in use by hundreds of the worlda??s most recognized brands, including Bank of America, Biogen Idec, CBS, CNN, Discovery, National Geographic, Procter & Gamble and USA Today. NewsGator Social Sites and Enterprise Server give enterprises better ways to collaborate, share content, expand employee knowledge and improve productivity. NewsGator Widget Services enable media and brand companies to better engage their audiences and extend the value of their brands through viral syndication of content. NewsGator also offers free, award-winning RSS aggregators for the Web, desktop, mobile devices and e-mail clients
Oil Change USA   Oil Change USA
OMP is a full-service fundraising and communications agency that serves leading causes in the United States, moving with ease among the charitable, advocacy and political landscapes. Our mission is to help organizations meet and exceed their fundraising and communications goals.
Pachamama Alliance   Pachamama Alliance
The Pachamama Alliance is based on the recognition that those of us in the modern world share a deep connection with the people who call the rainforest their home-each of us having a critical stake in the health and well being of this vital element in our global life support system. We also recognize that indigenous people are the rainforests' natural custodians, and therefore, key strategies of our alliance focus on strengthening their culture and empowering their ability to stand for and represent their own interests.
Papa John's   Papa John's
At Papa Johna??s, wea??re committed to Quality. We use only the finest ingredients, from fresh-sliced vegetable to our fresh, never-frozen, hand tossed dough and superior quality tomato sauce. Quality you can taste.
PunditMom   PunditMom
PunditMom is a blog about the intersection of politics and motherhood. Political analysis, progressive politics and lots of opinions are on tap because PunditMom believes that politically active mothers are the new key to making a difference in the world of politics. You can also find PunditMom Joanne Bamberger at The Huffington Post, BlogHer, MOMocrats, MomsRising and DC Metro Moms.
R.W. Knudsen   R.W. Knudsen
R.W. Knudsen's diverse offerings include natural sports drinks, more than 125 types of natural and organic fruit and vegetable juices, elegant celebratory beverages, and bubbly Spritzers and Spritzer Lights. In keeping with "family tradition," Knudsen products are still made from 100 percent natural ingredients without any added sugar, preservatives or artificial colors.
RenewPAC   RenewPAC
The US Congress and President Bush refuse to renew the tax incentives that will bring clean energy to the U.S. The current incentives expire this year. Their lack of renewal is already harming the solar and wind industries. Each year in the US, coal power claims 25,000 lives, causes respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses and leads to potential neurological damage for 630,000 newborns. Globally there are more than 170,000 deaths as a result of the chemicals and pollutants spread by coal power. Join us in this critical cause and make a difference!
  Sahara Reporters
Sahara Reporters is an online community of international reporters and social advocates dedicated to bringing you commentaries, features, news reports from a Nigerian-African perspective. A unique organization, founded in the spirit of Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, comprising of ordinary people with an overriding commitment to seeking the truth and publishing it without fear or favor. Because its core members are unapologetic practitioners of advocacy journalism, Sahara Reporters also serves as an umbrella outlet for objective reporting of verifiable and accurate news and untainted social commentaries for anyone wishing to exercise their freedom of speech in the public interest and common good.
Skype   Skype
Skype was founded in 2003 by Niklas ZennstrA¶m and Janus Friis. Skype created a little piece of software that makes communicating with people around the world easy and fun. With Skype you can say hello or share a laugh with anyone, anywhere. And if both of you are on Skype, ita??s free. Skype is available in 28 languages and is used in almost every country around the world. Skype generates revenue through its premium offerings such as making and receiving calls to and from landline and mobile phones, as well as voicemail and call forwarding. Skype, based in Luxembourg, has relationships with a growing network of hardware and software providers and is an eBay company (NASDAQ: EBAY).
Teaching Strategies   Teaching Strategies
Teaching Strategies is a dynamic early childhood education publishing company that is committed to making a difference in the lives of children birth through age five. Our mission is to enhance the quality of early childhood programs by offering practical, innovative, and developmentally appropriate curriculum materials; staff development services and materials; and parenting resources. Producing materials that are comprehensive, practical, easy-to-use, and based on the best and most current research is one way we contribute to improving the care and education of young children. We also publish comprehensive, easily understood parent education resources, because we believe that strong partnerships between educators and families are essential.
The Wilderness Society   The Wilderness Society
We bring to bear our scientific expertise, analysis and bold advocacy at the highest levels to save, protect and restore America's wilderness areas.
Udi's   Udi's
At Udia??s Handcrafted Foods, we believe food made with joy is a joy to eat. Wea??re a small, Denver-based company of passionate people, committed to bringing the best of what we do to the community we love so much. So whether youa??re feasting on one of our catered lunches with a dozen of your closest co-workers, at home sharing a loaf of our artisan-baked bread with your favorite significant other, or celebrating a Sunday brunch with family and friends at Udia??s Bread Bistro at Stapleton, we hope the experience of eating our food is as joyful for you as making it was for us.
Wahoo's Fish Taco   Wahoo's Fish Taco
If you're interested in finding out how you can become a sponsor of Big Tent Denver 2008, please email Bobby Clark.